First Assembly Church

Bernalillo, New Mexico

Our Pastors

Our team at First Assembly Church


Cristian & Katie Beker

Associate Pastor     

Luis & Robin Huerta

Youth Pastor        

Kyle Yazzie         


"We began our ministry as young missionaries in Paraguay, South America in 1992.  We married in 1996 and have very much enjoyed our marriage as well as the four beautiful kids God has blessed us with.


We have a great love for this church and our community and are enjoying watching God bless and grow within people’s lives.  We pray that God will continue to use this church in reaching people for Him."










"We both came to First Assembly Church when we were teenagers and have been a part of First Assembly Church for years. First Assembly is where we met, fell in love, married, and entered ministry full time.


In 2010, we entered the staff full time as the youth pastors, and in January 2013 my wife and I took over the Spanish Ministry. We now serve as the associate pastor."









"I first came to Bernalillo First Assembly when I was 15 years old for the youth services. I found that there were three things that drew me to the church. The worship, the Word, and the people. This is something that we replicate in our Move services on Wednesday nights. I also believe that this is something that shouldn't just be applied on Wednesdays or even Sundays but worship, the application of the Word and the community of people are characteristics that are essential for daily Christian living.

I have served at Bernalillo First Assembly for a terrific 7 years. Starting from doing the slides on a computer on a Sunday morning, to serving as a Kids Pastor. I am currently in my senior year of a Bachelors in Media Arts at the University of New Mexico, while also having finished a Certificate of Ministry from Hillsong College in Australia."